Partner Blogs

Hello Everyone! Bellow you will find a list of my partner blogs, those blogs I run as well as my personal one here or  those of my friends who I recommend checking out. Don’t be surprised if you see a post or two from these guys re-blogged by me under the ‘Recommended Reading’ Category, they really do post fantastic stuff. Please go have a look over them all, you might find something you didn’t expect!.

My Other Blog:

Tea with the Wolf and Fox

I run this blog with my girlfriend, where we write and post original Lord of the Rings and Elder Scrolls Fiction and write our own little sections on the lore of both Universes. I would highly encourage you to go and have a look and perhaps even subscribe to us! 😀

My Friend’s Blogs:

Bronte on Film

Amazing, Articulate, Analytic, Astounding and Audacious. These all describe Bronte’s blog perfectly. In her own bold literary style, Bronte reviews some of the more arthouse movies of our time, in well written, easy to digest segments. Every one of them is fantastic and well worth a read!

Writing Student Ramblings-

Georgia’s blog contains all sort of things from love to hairgel and all are fantastic musings on every side of life. She isn’t afraid to delve into the subjects that our society tries to avoid and then question the reason for the aversion in the first place. Witty, eloquent and thought-provoking as well as sometimes tear-provoking, Georgia’s amazing ramblings will surely make you stop, think and consider the world around you.



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