There it lies, dormant and unwavering.
The summit of the lands. Is it not the most constant thing?
And yet even Fuji, with all it’s strength has grown,
using the backs of it’s past to climb higher into the sky.

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted here, but I intend to be not only more regular but more professional and focused with my posts here.

I’ll document my experiences definitely, most certainly that’s what a blog should be, but in addition to normal free-form pieces, I’ll be posting short analytical essays, poems, flash fiction and the occasional short story.

Basically, I’d like this to function as a place for expression, but also a type of public portfolio. Looking over this blog, that hasn’t been touched since I was overseas in 2015, well it gives me pause to reflect on change, time and most importantly, growth.

It’s a topic that I find innately interesting and very much worth of a lot of interrogation through fiction. In this current age, as technology moves forwards in leaps and bounds, as our impact on the environment becomes more and more unignorable, as the ugly underbellies of many of the platforms of our political norm are exposed; it is here that we feel like the entire world is in a fit of giant, wrathful growth.

Now, I’m not going to be commenting on that macro level of growth here. I’ll leave that to those qualified to express opinion and analysis on such topics. Instead, I find myself thinking about my personal growth and how I could related it to Mt Fuji, which I was lucky enough to see on a clear day as pictured.

It was explained by our guide that Fuji has been four different volcano during its life, each of a different type and each of the previous three forming the base of the current icon of Japan.


The more I think about it, as I discover parts of this blog that make me wince with embarrassment and wonder “How did I ever think that was a good idea?”, I think about Fuji and remember that you need to build on what you were, no matter how bad that seems now, to create what you are now, to become iconic.


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