Bringing the Blog back and Blogging 101.

Welcome… Again.

As part of WordPress’ Blogging 101 I’m doing this little post here on what my blog is and what I’m going to be doing here into the future. Honestly however, I think such a post is well-waranted and not just for the 101 program, which is great but also because recently, this blog has fallen a little silent.

I was talking to my friend Bronte from Bronte on Film about our blogs the other day. She too has revitalised her little corner of the webspace and is regularly publishing film reviews and opinion pieces, I highly recomend checking it out! Bronte was saying how the name of my blog “The Winterton Blog” allows me a much greater purview on what I can write about than her own blog title.

Bronte has a very good point, but with a scope as wide as I’ve given myself, it’s a bit hard to find some focus. So that’s what this post is for – finding focus. The best way to do this is, at least in my opinion through equal parts reflection and forecast with a sprinkling of good ideas and a dolop of planning.

So – this blog has been around, oh how long now? It’s nearly a year and five months now. I started it on the because I was studying writing at uni, in my first year and hey, that’s what first year writing students do isn’t it?

Since then I’ve published a good slew of things – a load of poems, a few reviews, the odd short story of my own and a retelling of a few others. I’ve interviewed a few people and put the interviews up here and also written a few posts of general rambling.

So, looking at what I’ve got here – I like a good amount of it – the Creative Career interivews are something I’m going to try to do more and I like the idea of a fortnightly calandar, of publishing something at least one thing a week. However I think while the idea of the “Quick Bites” – the little recomendations and reviews are far better than larger reviews I think the fortnightly poem isn’t quite what I want.

I do want to focus on literature, as that’s always been and will be a giant part of my life, but so are many other things. I think here, the key is to look at what I’m trying to achieve with this blog. More than broadcast my opinion, I’m trying to give people something interesting to read, something to keep your brain turning over and whet your palete. To that extent, I’m going to replace my fortnightly poetry with a Declan’s Digest – a collection of articles from around the internet that I find rather interesting and think you will too, with a bi of comentary, maybe with the odd poem tacked on.

Quick Bites will be every first Tuesday, Declan’s Digest will be every second thursday and I’ll be doing my best to put out posts on my general thoughts and other interesting things at least once a week in adition to this.

I hope you stick with me and enjoy the Winterton Blog!

– Declan.


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