Sandwich Time: Less than ordinary.

Today’s weird but tasty sandwich is: Banana (mashed) on toasted pumpkin ciabattini with capers. Serve with side salad and sliced ham or almonds.


– Pumpkin Ciabattini: Also called Ciabatta rolls, these can be a little hard to get your hands on but check out your local fresh food markets, organic grocers and specialty bakers. You can use any other type of pumpkin bread, but the texture of the toasted ciabattini goes really well with the mashed Banana.

– Mashed Banana: Pretty self explanatory. A Banana, a fork and a ransom note – it never ends up well for the banana.

– Capers: These are those little salty pickled berries you often find near anchovies on pizza or in the markets. I recommend getting a bottle of the pickled ones as they can last for months in the fridge. You only need a very liberal spread of capers on the banana as they are very salty but contrast nicely with the bread and the banana.

– Side Salad: Just something green to go along nicely with your sandwich – I’d recommend some shredded iceberg lettuce with cherry tomatoes, baby spinach, sliced mushrooms and olives. Also going into summer the apples here in Australia are really coming into season so I’d recomend throwing in a diced apple in as well to put a touch of sweetness in your salad.

– Protein: Either some nice lean ham or almonds. With your almonds a nice alternative is to toast them under a grill (oven or otherwise) for two-three minutes or even use slivered almonds.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get a good picture of this sandwich sorry, but I’ll ensure I have one next time!


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