New Short Story in the Works!

Welcome to my new and upcoming YA Short Story: Definitely Not Dystopia

This is a little tale set just outside of a YA Dystopia, which most YA fictions seem to keep limited to a single country or continent – Normally America or Britain. We follow two characters who monitor the borders of this destroyed world on a battleship the “Atlantia’s Hope” – one of a fleet designed to stop any possible destructive elements from escaping and bringing down the egalitarian society that has been established in the rest of the world. It is the story of what happens when a girl escapes from the Dystopia and meets these two.

Firstly we have a young military officer on his first deployment. Young, intelligent and confident, he embodies the perfect officer but is ever so quietly scared to hell inside. He’s been raised first world with strict morals and internally he questions things far too much. Then we have his new friend a journalist of rather intermediate gender, a dyed pixie cut and selective piercings, they’re full of life and are there half for a job and half for fun everyone always seems to relegate them into the “they’re so cute and everyone loves them” category but they don’t really have any close friends. or at least thats what they say to their face. The military guy likes them but is slightly uneasy because he can’t figure out the gender but he would never say. Despite this they’ve got a good solid friendship developed over the last couple of days and already have nicknames for each other. They call the military guy “Gun-boy” and he calls them “Roguish-type”.

So they’re here, a few days into a new patrol, having been told all their lives that everyone in this continent is dead or dead on their feet, that its a place that only death comes from. They monitor it from space but it’s universally agreed that no-one should interfere in case the death and destruction spreads.

But one day someone gets out. Someone breaks free.

Imagine if we followed the story of these two young kids when suddenly someone turns up – a girl climbs over the railings and starts babbling on about how she’s free, free forever!

This is the first time anyone has ever escaped. The first time they’ve ever had anyone come from the inside. Of course the military type pulls a gun on her but roguish-type stops him. The girl reacts immediately, tackling him and taking the gun. She shoots him but it shoots a tazer rather than an actual bullet and as such is stopped by his armour.

The girl is completely out of her depth and scared for her life. She’s gone through hell and high water (Literally) in order to reach a place of safety and love and protection that doesn’t exist.

Imagine the conflict – one wants to kill her to keep the world safe, the other wants to learn about her, then do they hand her over to the authorities? Sure, why not, they’ve never been given a reason to distrust the authorities in their lives, but the girl stops them, she doesn’t want to be thrust straight into the heart of another system that she thinks will just chew her up and spit her back out again.


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