Your Creative Career – An interview with Marketing Chief Cameron Parker.

Hello internet!

Today I present to you the second of the “Your Creative Career” Interviews, with Marketing Chief Cameron Parker.

Cameron has been the Marketing Chief of Black Milk Clothing, a highly successful and Brisbane-based clothing manufacturer since 2009. He, along with now CEO James Lillis helped to form the company and boasts a new-age marketing division that operates at no above the line expense.

Black Milk specializes in leggings and women’s fashion, with a pop-culture edge to it’s styles and designs. However what really set it apart is how it is operated entirely, utterly online.

Cameron Parker and James Lillis with the Black Milk team.

Black Milk is Brisbane based and operated – they make all their garments here and then ship them all over the world to whoever has orded them from the online storefront. They often talked about in association with how successful their use of social media, word of mouth and the internet platform to make their business unique and vibrant.

So when I was lucky enough to go the Black Milk Headquarters and interview Cameron, I asked him about how the internet and social media was affecting not only the marketing of Black Milk, but Marketing as an industry and creative practice. How was Marketing changing and what role does the internet have to do with it all?

His answers made for a truly insightful and riveting time!

You can watch the interview on Youtube or read the transcript HERE.

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