The Gold Coast Half Marathon – New Poem.

So this weekend my dad and I went down to the Gold Coast and participated in that venture of madness called the Gold Coast Half Marathon – a 21.1km run for those not familiar with the lingo.

So – in our tradition we took some before and after photos but this year dad and I both decided to compose poems. Both have their own merits and i’ll leave it to you to decide which is the better…

Gold Coast Half Marathon 2014



Anticipation, Jubilation and Recuperation


Freezing cold, hi-viz hats
People in tutus and ballerina flats
A sea of people thousands strong
Making out way through the crushing throng.


Finish line crossed, goals beaten
Medals now won – time to be eatin’
So we stagger away broken and bent
We feel like c**p but still glad that we went


Hotel Breakfast, showers and sun
We finished and that, for us, means we won
Walk on the beach – feeling very “zen”
Two weeks time – do it all again!


Dad’s Version

Dad alive
Dad dead
Dad rises once more!


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