River City – Update and Poem!

Hello my dear friends and followers!
I must start with an apology – both for my lack of activity here and the failure to deliver on my promised posts.

I will give no excuse but this: exam block was craaaazy. I’ve been brain dead for about two weeks straight. The fact that I started working my new job just as exam block started didn’t help.
But now things are shaping up a little more and I’m getting back into the creative grove!

I’m currently compiling the video for my “Your Creative Career” interview No.2 with Cameron Parker- Marketing Chief of Black Milk Clothing here in Brisbane.
That should be published by Friday next week, but until then here’s a little something to tide you over – A view of Brisbane from the State Library and the poem it inspired.

Well I say a poem but it’s really prose-
To be honest I was actually just sketching down ideas for a poem – I endeavour to only write in rhyme but it turned out pretty on its own!



The currents make their way through the city block as easily as the water.
Reverberations somehow heard in this city full of noise.
Unceasing, everchanging, old but new thousands of lives living out.
Upon the border of the sky the view is breathtaking. Nothing short of magestic.
Traffic jams and honking horns, photographers battle for prime real estate. Birdsong and honeysuckle against the ferry’s chop and motorists homeward bound.
There is beauty here within this chaos and order in the unseen.
The wind turns chill as sunlight fades, peaceful walks upon the boardward and tangled creeping vines. The stars come out, shining neon in the city windows.

But the river still flow, still ebbs and runs. The current ever changing yet always constant.

Like us. Like here. Like.

A river city.


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