Photography, Life, Love and the Nature of Work.

Greetings Wintertonians!! (That’s your name now, deal with it. You are now my fanclub. Bring forth the confetti!!!)

As you may have guessed, from the absence of any posts containing the promised reviews or philosophical pondering of a madman that you were promised or perhaps just from the introduction above, I’ve got a lot of University work at the moment.
I’m doing pretty well so far I think but unfortunately it leaves me little time or energy to be able to crank out a good post. (The good news however is that my Spidey review is done, I’m just in the final stage of editing it and making sure the images are all nice and fit well. You’ll be getting it tomorrow I promise.)

However tonight, fresh home from a lovely night with my beautiful and inspiring girlfriend and muse I feel inspired and energised. That said, I get the feeling its comparable to a sugar rush and that in half an hour I’ll collapse in bed fast asleep, but hey that’s ok. As long as by that time my post is winging its way to you good people!!

I’ve recently been taking quite a few fantastic (or at least I think they are) photos and was thinking of uploading them to Tumblr and featuring the best here. I’d like to see what you think of this and if you’d like to see that. For example yesterday I got some wonderful pictures of a koala in a tree besides my house and some birds and flowers that are so very beautiful this time of year.
Let me know! I’d love to hear from you.

Speaking of love, I’ve been pondering lately what exactly constitutes love? Is it affection? Desire? Commitment? How do you define or judge someone being in love? Something I’ll explore at a later time perhaps.

Love is interesting and delightful and amazing. At the moment I’ve got a few too many endorphins rushing around my already quite mad head and j want to do some research before I do a post on such a complex issue.
Here however I’d like to quickly examine the nature of work.

So what is work? GENERALISATION WARNING I think that when someone says work the general populace thinks of someone like a bricklayer or a lumberjack or any other selection of big cumbersome ‘rough’ jobs. Technically however science and specifically physics defines work as “When a force acts upon a body.” (Ref: Grade 11 Physics) So turning a page of a book, clicking ‘see more’ on my blog and simply living and existing (Breathing, pumping blood, blinking, thinking) is all technically work. So next time you’re surfing the net and someone asks you if you’re doing work you can honestly answer Yes!
(It is worth noting that this definition changes as you go further in depth with certain parts of science. Thermodynamics, Electrics, Biochemistry and Quantum physics for example all have their own definitions of work.)
Socially speaking work is any amount of labour (be it mental, physical or transferable) that one receives payment for. As opposed to unpaid labour, internships, volunteering and slave labour. Here the definition is between labour and work.

Mainly I think it comes down to effort.

But here’s the interesting thing… People say ‘Its not work if you love it!’ And ‘Find something love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life’.
Are these statements correct?

Well technically no, but perhaps they are… Writing this right now, am I working? Are you working reading it? What about a philosopher who sits at home all day contemplating the universe? Are they working?

Perhaps culturally we see things as ‘work’ and ‘play’ based on the effort we have to put into something. For those things that are really hard and you have to force yourself to do, it takes a lot of effort and so we class it as work, hard work even. Other things however like say kissing or reading or browsing Tumblr don’t take as much effort and therefore isn’t ‘work’.
Even things that do take a lot of effort such as playing football, writing, even having sex or fighting/sparring can be described as ‘effortless’ by those who enjoy and are good at them. This shows us that enjoyment really factors in a lot when calculating if something is work or not. Its interesting stuff.

In the end the take home message is this: We work a lot through our lives but we don’t have to work as much as we think we do. Find the enjoyment in a seemingly mundane task or labour, find the magic that makes you laugh or think or smile. Whether it be considering the lives of the orchard trees who’s fruit you are stacking on shelves at 2 in the morning, thinking of the light refraction and reflection on the scales of the fish you are preparing for dinner or noticing the smile on the customer you just served or even better helping to put on on the customer you’re serving now.

Find the love, the magic, the spark of happiness and use it to light a flame and very soon your job may be effortless.
Perhaps you really won’t have to work a single day in your life!

Anyway, Best of Days to you all.

-The Madman who is both working hard and hardly working,
Declan D.B Winterton.

Winterton out!


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