“All the World Wide Web’s a Stage”… & Progress So Far

Hello my dear followers!

I must apologize for my recent lack of posts, but I promise you there are many fantastic ones in the works. However to tide you over until said posts are well, posted, I present to you an interesting article I encountered while researching on Career Building in the Creative Industries. “All the World Wide Web’s a Stage” by Erika Pearson.

As if the adapted Hamlet quote wasn’t good enough, Pearson’s article is a thoroughly enjoyable, insightful and educational read and I recommend it to all of you, especially those of you who enjoyed my previousYour Creative Career’ Profile Interview with Mark O’Dwyer. Pearson, a lecturer of communications at the University of Otago, Middle Earth *cough* I mean, New Zealand, discusses the concept of ‘Identity performance’ on the internet and the interaction between what is private and what is public in regards to the online medium of content distribution. All in all a great read, especially for you bloggers and Youtubers out there.
You know who you are.

“Internet–based performances are mediated and codified — they exist as pixels on a screen. These performances exist within the imagination of users who then use tools and technologies to project, renegotiate, and continuously revise their consensual social hallucination. Users manipulate these communicative codes, with varying degrees of skill and dexterity, to create not only online selves, but also to create the staging and setting in which these selves exist.”

-Erika Pearson, “All the World Wide Web’s a Stage” found HERE.

As for what’s to come up later, well I’ve already got this Week’s Poem of the Week lined up and I’m sure you’re going to love it!
I have box office reviews for The Amazing Spiderman 2, The LEGO Movie and Trancendance as well as posts on if it’s Ok to say you’re better than someone if you actually are and whether swearing can ever be considered polite. Also there are some more ‘Your Creative Career’ Profile Interviews coming, although no set ETA of those yet.
These should all be coming up very soon in the next week or two, although I can’t make any guarantee due to Uni work.

As much as it saddens me to say, my posting will be very scarce over the next three weeks due to the encroaching end of the University semester and the exams and assignment due date it brings with it, like some giant, ravenous monster of studious doom. I like to call him Bob.

Have a good week all of you!



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